About Reg Grundy

Dr. Reg Grundy, AC, OBE  PhD is one of the key figures in the history of Australian and International Television.He is an Australian Icon and one of the media's most respected statesman.

Over the last fifty years hundreds of millions of people have watched Grundy shows across the world: from Australia to the Americas and to the United Kingdom and beyond to Europe and Asia.

The Grundy name became a household word through tens of thousands of hours of programs from game shows and serial dramas to documentaries, mini series, children's television and specials, including the international hit, NEIGHBOURS, which at its height was seen in over 70 countries.

In the past, Reg Grundy, the man, chose to live privately in the shadow of his work, rather than out in its limelight. Now, through his nature photography, he reveals a part of himself at last: the eye of an artist and his empathy for the living creatures of the world.

Reg Grundy is married to Joy Chambers the well-known author and they live in Bermuda.